Hello World!

As of August 2018, I am an Academic Advisor. I believe that academic advising is the intersection of higher education, formal and informal learning spaces, career planning, coaching, and counseling to more fully and holistically support the student, their career aspirations, and their academic goals. Advising is personal, individualized, ever-changing, and a necessary part of every student’s success. Utilizing my strengths, I connect with my students by building trust while guiding them through their path to achieve their academic and career goals.

Someone once told me that “There is no danger of developing eyestrain from looking on the bright side of things.” I take this to heart. I try to always look on the bright side and be positive in my work. I feel this is a necessity when working with students to create a safe space that is accommodating to all humans. Diversity, Inclusivity, and Equity are very important to me and I strive to create a space that supports all my colleagues and students, setting us up for success.